Content for product launch

Client -
Creative & Production - Untime
Creative and Art Direction - Liza Tarasova
Storyboard - Liza Tarasova
Animation Supervision - Liza Tarasova, Tony Pinkevych
Illustration - Ayrin Ari, Liza Tarasova, Ira Voilenko
Animation - Vlad Zhelikhovskyi, Sergey Stripachenko, Liza Tarasova
3d modeling - Tony Pinkevych
Sound Design - Zvoolab Studio is not an e-wallet, there is no need to top up your account or to cash out. Money goes directly from sender to recipient. Simple and very fast solution for money transfer.
We was asked in creation of 3 videos: promo, walkthrough and video ads for launch purposes.


After research we came to the conclusion: people associate financial companies with lots of paper works.


We wanted create completely different visual style. So can start positioning as young and friendly company with brand new technology.

Results started looks like simple and friendly solution young people like.

Onboarding video

Goal: users can be aware of how product works and how app looks like directly on website.

Facebook and instagram ads

Goal: Increase audience engagement.






Styleframes & Animation

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